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Coming 2017

Remember the universal translator from the SCI-FI television series, a simple device in the far future that could take one alien language and instantaneously translate it to something understandable by the crew? If your a post-millennial maybe not. 

What it did do was show us that at some point in the future technology powered by artificial intelligence would progress to the point where machines would allows us to overcome communications barriers. 

Now imagine if you could connect machines, devices, sensors, software applications, and allow them all to talk to each other openly. Without having to write thousands of lines of code, or maybe even any code.......no matter the language......or operating system.......Got You Thinking?



The Internet of Everything is broken. So many vendors, unsecure and so many devices. The end customer is confused. Our solution lets your machines, devices and applications talk, and they get smarter!!





Smart Software for the IOE