The iQseries, is a multi-radio, multiband indoor/outdoor Base Station powered by new patent pending adaptable radio technology. This enables greater unlimited customization, greater coverage, longer ranges, and better signal penetration. Enhancing your customers wireless experience.

The iQseries is the optimal solution for service providers, and location owners who wish to quickly and efficiently expand broadband services, offload data traffic on congested networks, deploy multimedia hotspots, or offer wireless broadband services where all other providers cannot.

The iQSeries uses a multi-band / multi-radio wireless radio frequency (RF) architecture. Further enhanced with multi-core system architecture. Our units are designed to handle the traffic at the edge, and then further manage the processes down stream throughout the rest of the wireless network architecture. With future proof expandability, and an available options list. We protect your infrastructure investment. With High Density reliability capable of handling a large quantity of associated users per node.

The iQseries is more than capable of providing unmatched quality of service in today’s and tomorrows wireless environments. 


High Density Base Station with New industry proven Polarization Diverse Wide-Band Adaptable Antenna Technology and concurrent Multi-Radio & Multiband operation using iQCOMM OPEN PLATFORM technology.

The photo above was taken at the same event just eight years apart. In the three years since the last event, the demand has increased even further. Is your wireless infrastructure ready for the next five years?